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Presentation Software: From this page you can see the explanatory videos. Just click on the awning in the items that most interest you and remember that for any info you do not do is ask and we make movies targeted where there was an explanation on youtube

Youtube: Explanations replacement images cards preparations

This video explains the steps to create a customized workout card. Ie: is that if we want to create a workout and you do not have the images within the program, we can always search the web or create us a photo, drawing or whatever to include it on the ad workout



Youtube: Explanations new contact and Plicometry


This movie portrays some say that all the steps to create a new contact and manage the part plicometrica. The software is easy to use, to manage. Whether for training that side Packaging, FCM and BMI. To prepare cards, both for training and for the side Cardio. What about watching the video is better than millions of words



Youtube: Prepare, Save and editing a training

This movie goes instead specifically on how to: Prepare a card, load, save and edit. If followed carefully there should be no problems of any kind. However, we know that we are always at your disposal throughout. Contact us with the forum, the contacts "always on our site," through whatsapp and / or call or be called. find all ways just listed on our site or if you contact us give way "addresses and cell phone number"



Youtube: Prepare a food card

This movie illustrates some program on how to make a food card. the movie has been uploaded to the network by one of our "customer or guinea pig ?!" who has downloaded the program and then felt compelled or courtesy to explain to the public its potential



Youtube: Bolus calculation

This movie is an advance of the work we are to accomplish. If all data will be responsive and the final response will be positive we'll enter the site and then be downloaded also. But that will not only give positive responses must also be legal. once ready will ask if it will be appropriate to the Doctors and Lawyers.



Last Updated: 25/07/2015